09 August 2009

Fallen asleep at the helm

Milo's person recently informed Main Person that I should be updating my blog. Milo, for example, has been very good at keeping us all posted on his activities.

So, in honor of Milo, I'm going to post a few photos. Perhaps I will write more later. After my nap.

11 January 2009

Counting down...

Bush countdown created by James Miller

31 December 2008

New Year's Resolutions

In 2009, I, Yuri, resolve to:

1. Be a better cat.

2. Lose weight (at least 0.5 lbs).

3. Get more exercise, especially with that new laser mouse thing.

4. Try to eat more slowly, so I don't barf up my food so much.

5. Try to poop in the box. (I gotta remember to TURN AROUND once getting in the box...)

6. Blog more.

Happy New Year! (is there anybody out there?)

Well, here it is New Year's Eve, and we are all by ourselves. I cannot believe it. Second Cat and I are just sitting here in the dark wondering what the hell is going on. Third Cat is in the People's Room, with the door closed, which makes me really mad. I can't get to her to tell her I don't like her AND she is in the room with the bed. No fair! I don't understand.

The Visitor came today, as she does every day, and gave us food. She said she won't be back tomorrow and that our People will. She better be right. But how could they leave us alone on New Year's Eve? Sheesh.

04 December 2008

The V-E-T

Last week, we had a family vacation to Iowa. It was fun, believe it or not. Sasha and Chloe aren't afraid of me though, which I find annoying.

We returned and then the next day, our people put me and Other Cat back in our little houses and took us in the car. We thought we were going back to Iowa, but it was much, much worse. The vet! That guy who calls me "fuzzy man" was there, of course and he pulled me out of my house even though I used all of my muscles to cling to it and try to stay in. Then he poked me a bunch and picked at my teeth. (That was kind of gross.) He told Main Person that I am healthy and that I now weigh 13.5 pounds--which is 0.5 pounds less than last year! M.P. was shocked that I lost weight. I don't know why she didn't notice my fine physique.

Other Cat also got checked out by the nice man. Other Cat cried the whole time. He's so embarrassing when we go there! All of the people and animals in the waiting room stare at him. I turned around in my house so that my back was facing the door and I couldn't see any of it. Sheesh.

Oh, Other Cat weight 10.9 pounds, which means he gained 0.5 pounds. Ha ha.

09 November 2008

01 November 2008

Here are our Miis!

Our people helped us make Miis on their Wii. We each have one. Here you can see the resemblances:

Yuri (& Yurii)i:

Other Cat (& Tomashii):

Third Cat (& Emmii):